Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miles Makes Some Observations on Fear

This evening we had our annual church board dinner. Miles and Macey were in childcare with some of the other kids, including adorable four-year old Addie (see picture), who has recently decided that she intends to kiss Miles and marry him.

When Brett picked the kids up this evening, Miles was a little troubled.

"Dad, I don't like girls."

"Oh? Why not?"

"I am very afraid of them." (Macey in the background: "I'm not afraid of them! I'm not afraid of them!")

Brett, chuckling: "That's not fear, son."

"Well, I think I am very afraid of them."

"Why do you think you're so afraid of them?"

"'Cause they just want to give kisses."

"Oh they do?"

"Yeah. It's their secret weapon... I don't have anything like that. Boys just have guns and swords."


thevervepath said...

ha, that is great!! So glad you are posting again!! He is wise beyond years

Richard McElroy said...

And from what I hear scarves also. Boys have scarves.

Just Jon said...

It's almost like he knows how his mom and dad got together! Brilliant.