Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're the Winner

So today we took the kids through the drive through at BackYard Burger for a quick lunch. As I was ordering Miles was apparently watching over my shoulder on the order display screen. As I finalized the order, the clerk said, "Your total is $15.93" and the display flashed "$15.93" on the screen. Miles said with glee, "Wow, we sure got alot of points on that one huh dad!?!?!"

Seriously, the kid needs to get a job - soon.... : )

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The red coats are coming! The red coats are coming!!

We recently moved Macey into a toddler bed which has so far proven to complicate the whole sleeping event. At 12:44 a.m. the comforting hum of static in the baby monitor was shattered, as was my sound sleep, by a long drawn out "mooooommmmmmyyyyy" - oh boy, just wait it out, it could be a false alarm, just sleep talking or something. It came again this time a bit louder and more concerned "mommmmyyyyy??!!??" Mommy never wakes up mind you, unless I give her a convincing shove in the ribs. I was still holding out hope that perhaps that little sleep thief would just doze off again. No such luck, the final cry came - this time louder but muffled sounding "moooommmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!". I rolled out of bed, mumbling about how lame it is that kids don't just sleep soundly, or feed themselves, or change their own diapers, or get a job....

As I opened the door and my eyes adjusted to the night light I could see that Macey was not in her bed, but was still moaning unintelligibly. I spotted her laying on her face in the middle of her bedroom floor. There my was my little Paul Revere, half way laying on the floor draped over the top of her rocking horse (which had fallen over). Not sure at all what she was doing in that position at 12:44 this morning but she looked terribly uncomfortable and sounded the way I would imagine a person would sound if they were thrown from their rocking horse.

This is just another joy of parenting, thought I would share.