Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Skenten Face"

So I was leaning down to give Miles a hug yesterday before leaving for work. He noticed my eye shadow and said, "Mommy, you got purple on your eye." I said, "That's called eye shadow, to make me look pretty." He said, "You look like a skelton face. You will scare the people at your work."

And I thought it would be a couple of years before I'd be made insecure by my son...

Monday, November 5, 2007


Okay okay already! With a readership of nearly 3, I recognize that my life is no longer my own. The audience demands new posts... so here's the Halloween album. Miles was a "skenten" and Macey was a flower. All of Macey's photos are of her gradual wilting, whereas Miles insisted on making a scary face in all of his. Also, he kept wanting to go to new houses to "say Halloween to them", but when someone opened the door his catchphrase was "Trick or treatin'!"

Oh, and the first few pics are of Macey's first meal, which she of course devoured like everything else in her life. We haven't yet found something the kid doesn't want to eat.