Friday, April 3, 2009

Throwing Rocks

I have proof that Miles and Macey are not dead. I saw them recently. Although their parents don't update about their lives, I thought I should. Maybe it will get the ball rolling. If I had video of the following story, I would post it. That is most likely because I'm a mean uncle, and I think that pictures of my nephews like this one are really really funny. Here is goes:

Miles and Macey came to visit last weekend. We had a great time with them. Macey is as rotton as ever, and Miles is growing up way too fast. I got to see his soccer video, and I was so proud of the way that he played. He played way above his age group, outside of the cluster of other 4 year olds that attacked the ball, waiting for a pass, and then would make a break for the goal. He had all his teams shots on goal, and 2 goals (although the blind ref only counted one of them). We took Miles to a bridge near Kevin and Teresa's to throw some large rocks off the bridge because that is really fun. Miles selected a rock that was about the size of half his head. He proceeded to pick it up over his head to throw it in the water. Unfortunately it was a touch too heavy for him, so instead of throwing the rock in the water he dropped the rock on his head. He cried a touch, but was actually okay very quickly, in my book that makes this a funny story, not a sad story.