Friday, November 20, 2009

Macey's Mission

A few nights ago, Brett and I were in the car discussing "Radical Mission," the non-profit organization Brett runs through our church. Macey was in the back seat and had been pretty quiet until she chimed in, "I have a mission."

I turned to look at her, surprised she even knew the word and thinking maybe she had picked up something insightful at Sunday School. "Really? What's your mission?"

She looked out the window dramatically. "Oh, it's about ducks and stuff."


Kari McElroy said...

I'll join her mission.

Jennifer Paulk-McGinley said...

At least she didn't say "it's about tactical nuclear weapons and stuff"...and really, let's be honest, that's what most of us were really expecting from her. :D

servants of Jesus Christ said...

Ducks need Compassion too! Unless you are Brett...then you would just shoot them! :)